"He who plants a garden,
 plants hapiness."

Information for the season

Some advice for all year


Pruning of trees and deciduous shrubs and fruit trees.
Digging over the flower beds and around trees. There is still time to dig manure in.
Winter treatment of the fruit trees.


Pruning the mimosas after they have flowered, and the olive trees.
Trimming of hedges and conifers, followed by a “Bordeaux mixture” treatment after they have been cut.


Pruning the roses, removal of suckers and stems burnt by frost.
Digging over, and an anti-germanitive product in the beds to prevent adventitious plants from growing.
Even if it is preferable to do it in the autumn, one is still in time to scarify lawns.


Spread a fertilizer with weed-killer on lawns to eliminate weeds.
Go over lawns with a roller to favorise a dense growth
Treat fruit trees with an Alphasis® solution to prevent cochineal insects 


Treat laurels with a fungicide to prevent powdery mildew (oïdium)
Finish seeding new lawns before the summer heat
Remove wilted flowers and dried leaves from perennials
Plant annuals and biennials from seed or pots


Treat roses to slow the development of rust
Spread grass clippings around tree trunks to nourish them
Weed flower beds before the weeds produce their seeds


Cut wilted roses, treat against odium and aphids if necessary.
Cut lavender flowers at the end of flowering.


Water conifers and all evergreen shrubs that suffer from dry air and this will help to avoid red spider attacks.
Water the lawn preferably early in the morning to avoid disease. 


Use the scarifier on lawns and spread nitrogen fertilizer.
Trim hedges of photinia, cypresses and laurels.
Provide mineral fertilizer on roses after the first rains.


Trim laurels after they have flowered.
Spread a natural fertilizer (dried blood and ground horn) on flower beds.
Seed lawns in autumn, they will have more time to take root before the summer.


Trim and prune plants during their winter dormant period (November to February).
Plant in autumn so that the plants benefit from the winter rains to grow roots. 


After harvesting olives, trim the olive trees, remove overly-long branches and double buds.
Protect palms and fruit trees with a breathable fabric covering.
Prune roses the first time when all the leaves have fallen; a second pruning will be necessary after the last frost.